Speakcies Network Shows


Origin of Speakcies

The flagship of the Speakcies Network. Hosts Scott and Steve discuss the stories and history behind the words and phrases that we say every day.

New episodes are released weekly.


Personal Records

In Personal Records, host Scott McGinnis explores the connections between people and the albums they love.

New episodes every other Thursday.


True Facts with Robert Banquette

The first non-Scott and Steve podcast from Speakcies. Host Robert Banquette, podcasting from his home in Montgomery, Alabama, discusses the historical figures and crucial events that have shaped our world in “True Facts with Robert Banquette.”

First episode dropping on October 9.


Animals That Suck

Inspired by President Barack Obama, Steve Glissman takes a critical look at animals and challenges the common wisdom. Especially regarding your dog, which is not a “fur baby.”

Coming TBD 2019