New Speakcies Podcast Debuts - Montgomery, Alabama's "True Facts with Robert Banquette"

RICHMOND, Va., October 9, 2019 / -- Speakcies, the podcast media brand from Richmond, Virginia, debuted today their newest podcast, "True Facts with Robert Banquette.”

“We are very excited to share 'True Facts with Robert Banquette' with the world,” said Speakcies founders Scott McGinnis and Steve Glissman. “In addition to sharing Robert Banquette's unique vision, we are also excited to be adding a new host to our roster of podcasts.”

"True Facts with Robert Banquette" is a history themed podcast, hosted by Montgomery, Alabama's Robert Banquette and produced by Speakcies' Steve Glissman. "True Facts with Robert Banquette," takes listeners on a journey through the past and present to look at the historical figures and crucial events that have shaped our world. Host Robert Banquette draws upon his own research, including information drawn from the Banquette family records, to provide additional insight on these figures and events, revealing the "True Facts" behind these stories. The debut episode focuses on the life of Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington. Subjects on future episodes include Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, Margaret Mitchell, John Paul Jones, and Amelia Earhart.

"True Facts with Robert Banquette" is available on all major podcast providers, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher. Full episodes with transcripts are available on

In addition to “True Facts with Robert Banquette,” other Speakcies podcasts include the flagship "Origin of Speakcies," recently named as a “Best Local Podcast” in Richmond Magazine’s August 2019 “Best and Worst of Richmond” issue; “Personal Records,” a music podcast hosted by Scott McGinnis; and "Animals: A Critical Examination," hosted by Steve Glissman, releasing its first episode in late 2019/early 2020.
Speakcies (pronounced Speak - Sees) is the media brand created and managed by Scott McGinnis and Steve Glissman. Current titles include the flagship podcast “Origin of Speakcies,” in addition to other podcasts “Personal Records” and “True Facts with Robert Banquette.”

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