Episode 12 "Charlottesville Road Trip, Pt. 2: 86 with Special Guest Micah Lemon of The Alley Light"

Scott and Steve are road-tripping from Richmond to Charlottesville, VA, home of Monticello, Mr. Jefferson's University and great restaurants like the James Beard-nominated, The Alley Light.

In the second episode with Micah Lemon, Scott gripes about "society" and "young people," before Micah weaves a tale of drugs, prohibition and tinctures that somehow makes it way to the origins of the term "86" in the restaurant industry. 

Our buddy Eric Neff pops in to add some color to this one as well. Tune in for this very Charlottesville episode, and it's guaranteed you  will learn many things, as we did.

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Steve Glissman