Podcast Episode #9 The Hotelier - "Home, Like NoPlace Is There" with Charlie Bowen from Sleave

In this episode, Scott sits down with Charlie Bowen of the Richmond, VA band, Sleave, to talk about The Hotelier's "emo revival," classic, "Home, Like NoPlace Is There." 

But first Scott gets to know more about Charlie and his band, a Guy Fieri connection and a discussion about the current Richmond music scene. 

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Stay tuned at the end of the show to hear, "Engine," an exclusive, unreleased track from Sleave's upcoming album, "Don't Expect Anything,” on Engineer Records.

Sleave is playing with friend of the show, Diet Blood on October 3rd at Yellowhouse.

Check out Sleave at:


Instagram: @sleaveband

Facebook: facebook.com/sleaveofficial/

Bandcamp: sleaverva.bandcamp.com/

Twitter: @sleaveband

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Songs featured on this episode are:

Studio - West Side

Sleave - Check Myself

Sleave - Engine


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