"I Don't Want to Feel This Way Forever" - A Post Hardcore / Rock Playlist

Next Thursday I sit down with my friend Grace Dupont, and we talk about her chosen Personal Record, “Deja Entendu” by Brand New. Nothing from that album is on this playlist, but our convo inspired me to put this together.

I discovered some of these songs through my sister, Amanda, and my friend Chris Glissman. Finch, Thursday, Brand New, Dead Poetic were all Chris. Onelinedrawing and Brandston were Amanda. I really binged this stuff for a while and then kind of forgot about it.

When I met Grace in 2016, we talked about Brand New a lot, and it kind of rekindled my love for this stuff, which is why I’m posting the playlist now.

Grace (left), Holly & I - aka “The Squad,” summer 2016.

I hope you enjoy these songs, and be sure to subscribe to Personal Records so you don’t miss my interview with Grace next week. It’s a fun one.

Scott McGinnis